"We are so glad we decided to have Lydia paint a mural in our girls nursery! When anyone walks into the room they say “Wow!”, “so beautiful!”. It really makes our baby girl’s room extra special. Lydia was able to make it soft & whimsical that is appropriate for a nursery or a teenager (or even adult). She was very neat, and left no mess behind. She’s easy going, punctual and professional- I’d use her again for other art projects! She also painted an oil portrait of our dog which came out very life-like. "

Lauren / Fairfield, CT


"Lydia is an incredibly talented fine artist who excels in color, form and material. Her passion rings true every day she's in the studio, and she naturally balances this with an acute drive and mind for business.

I worked with Lydia at our time together at Anthropologie.  During this, Lydia proved her skill in small scale and large scale applications alike - as well as one-on-one communications and guiding an entire team.

Lydia is reliable and professional and an absolute pleasure to work with!"

Tess / Mar Silver Designs / Westport CT


"Lydia's personality and creative eye is a rare combination. Recently, I called her and told her about a new office I was moving into.  I told her what I was looking for (size, mood, color) and she brought her paintings to my office, and after moving around art and furniture (with Lydia's creative AND physical assistance!) we settled on the absolute best piece that captured everything I wanted.  She is a unique combination of consultant, interior designer, and artist.  

Her paintings are stunning, unique, vibrant, and complicated. They have a varied interplay of warmth, humor, and personal depth.  Some of her paintings have a sense of movement, with a transportive quality, that I find myself transfixed, as if watching a campfire or a gentle moving lake. I am thrilled having Lydia and her paintings in our lives.  Looking forward to more projects with her in the future!"

Meredith / Dobbs Ferry, NY


"I had several projects with Lydia Larson. The large oil paintings bring life to my place and tell me stories every time I look at them. The colors match with my furniture and it’s so amazing. I feel like I became an art collector. The other game changer is my kitchen. Lydia created a birch wood ladder rack for pots and pans and custom mixed a beautiful color for the walls. Actually, I cook more now because it feels spacious and well designed. I like being in there.

Also, I did not need new kitchen cabinets because she completely refreshed the look painting them by hand. Thank You, Lydia! Definitely going to use your company and your very talented artist hands in the future!"

Vilmos / Greenwich, CT


"We have several Lydia Larson pieces throughout our home, and most recently added her work to my husband's office suite. There is something magical about this. Not only does Lydia's art set off the room, each piece brings with it a sense of life. Her talent is obvious, but until you experience the effect of her things in your space, I can't quite explain how wonderful it is. Such a difference between true, original art, passionately made and furniture store art. Everyone is drawn to her treasures. Thank you, Lydia Larson and Art & Nest!"

Frank & Jodi / West MI


"Lydia does all the decorative work for us such as glazing, murals, plastering, any color matching, etc. Always done right and always on time. It’s so easy to work with Lydia and there is no job impossible or too small.

All happy and amazed customers around you, Lydia. We are looking forward to working with you again!"

Deco Painting LLC / Greenwich CT 


"Hiring Lydia to help us make some major decisions for our home was one of the best decisions we have made as homeowners. We have a two story, grey wall in our living room that needed some life. The room is large, has a strong stone fireplace that is surrounded by sturdy custom shelving that could easily dominate the room. Finding pieces that make statement in two story rooms can be difficult because of how large they need to be. Plus, they typically are not custom to fit exactly what YOU want for your space. We asked her to create something that would use the neutral tones of the room, have a presence on a large wall, and bring some color to a space that did not have any notable uniqueness. We also wanted something that would perk visitors' curiosity. 

The final products was unlike anything I ever could have dreamed. Lydia created a beautiful custom painting that ties in the grey of our walls, but brings to life reds, yellows, greens, and blues. This painting tells a story. This piece is breathtaking and mesmerizing; to the point that we scrapped all furniture in the room to have custom pieces created around the themes, tones, and energy from the painting! 

Lydia will not disappoint you in creating whatever you have in mind for your space. As a non-creative person, I need my decorator and Lydia to take charge and help me make wise decisions for my home. Lydia led the charge, and our decorator took the torch when they were through. We will consult her again in a few months to create a new piece for our bedroom -- and I couldn't be more excited for the next phase of our house."

Matt & Hilary / West MI